In short

Published by Vandenberg Edizioni in Lucca, Italy, Cook_inc. is an international periodical. Unwavering in its responsibility to create honest and engaging stories, Cook_inc. continues to push boundaries and in doing so, has crossed over into a new realm, more than a journal and collection of words and images, maturing into something of cultural significance, something other, higher; an essential must-have for epicureans and a collector’s item without an expiration date

What’s inside

All of the pages within Cook_inc. are bound by the same thread of unique storytelling, sourced by writers and photographers who delve into the core of the matter, unabashed by the furore of its words and in telling the brute truth. Expect content to weave across categories, incorporating history, traditions, culture, and events, all in vivid first-person accounts, fusing the genres that make people and their stories so compelling; and revealing the environmental portraits that reflect the contemporary world of food and chefs today.

Who we are

“Cook_inc.” as inc (lusive), inc (orporate). First launched in Lucca, Tuscany, at the foot of the Apuan Alps, in November 2011, during an era in which the death of print was predicted, Cook_inc. stared into the so-called publishing abyss, courageous in their attempt to overcome any challenges, however daunting. The very name “Cook_inc.” is a summation of their philosophy: to assimilate and incorporate new ideas related to gastronomy. Uninterested in following the easy path, they instead set out to create their own, travelling, researching, and reporting, eager to unearth the lesser-known stories while fusing such content with art, image, music and culture. More than a food journal, they remain brash enough to make predictions, set trends, and put forward a new way of thinking, dragging chefs and food from the dark, archaic well of old, and pulling them, kicking and screaming, into the fireworks of the 21st century.

Anna Laura Morelli

An itinerant traveller from the beginning, Anna was born in Brussels to a Peruvian mother and Italian father. With her husband and three daughters, her nomadic lifestyle continued, as the family moved between Madrid, Barcelona, London, Brussels and Miami, before settling in Lucca, Tuscany, where she launched Cook_inc. It was initially Anna’s father who introduced her to the world of gastronomy, a passion she has followed her entire life, dedicating her career to unearthing the best talent and cuisines from across the globe. It is this burning desire to share knowledge that created Cook_inc. and allowed her to consolidate her passions for food, art, music, and photography into an avant-garde media of unparalleled comparison.


Andrea Petrini

Global writer, mélo-électronicien and Borgesian reader, when he takes off his film critic cardigan, Andrea Petrini writes for Cook_inc., L’Optimum, Officiel Voyage, GQ, Leon, Le Fooding, Itinéraires d’une contemporaine, Feed, Log, Yam, and How to Spend It. He is the Road Manager of Gelinaz! and was the Franco-Italo chairman of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants until he realized it was time for a change.

Richard Haughton

A star of photography, Richard, of Irish origin, captures images of all that is beautiful, while travelling around the world – from nature to architecture, from theatre to music and dance, from fashion to travel, to the complexity of a culinary dish, making it an image of art. He has authored many gastronomy books on the greatest chefs in the world such as Pascal Barbot, Frédéric Anton, Jean-Georges Klein, Noriyuki Hamada, Gérald Passedat.

Alexandra Forbes

Brazilian food and wine journalist, has a regular column on the Folha de São Paulo, is a contributing editor for GQ magazine and writes for Vogue, Casa Vogue and Gourmet Traveler Australia. Alexandra is also one of the co-founders of the Refomotor Gastromotiva in Rio De Janeiro together with chef Massimo Bottura and David Hertz.

Lisa Edi

Born in Schärding (Austria), she works as a photographer in Vienna. She has moved from reflex to analogue in a blink of an eye and feels more comfortable between the grain of the film than between digital pixels. This creates a large margin of freedom in her shot composition but also a bit of anxiety mixed with excitement. Her works oscillate between food and fashion, between commissioned works and artistic photos.

Alessandra Farinelli

A photographer and a graphic designer, Alessandra lives in Naples, just a few steps away from the sea. An incurable supporter of keeping the glass always half full, she loves to photograph the good things in life, like food, travel and people who work with the passion in their eyes. Her photos are featured in the book La buona pizza published by Giunti.

Eleonora Cozzella

A graduate of philosophy, Eleonora Cozzella specialized herself in the Luiss School of Journalism in Rome and collaborates with the L’Espresso Guide/Repubblica Group since 2006. Her name is now a sign of quality, present not only in many Italian and foreign magazines, but also in associations organizing important food and wine events.

Raffaella Prandi

With thirty years of experience in journalistic reporting and internships between cooks and kitchens, more than writing, she would like to cook and watch the chefs at work. Raffaella believes that cooking is one of the most fascinating and creative worlds to explore and that it narrates the unique character of people.

Gualtiero Spotti

Born in Bergamo in 1969, he survived the nouvelle cuisine and the avant-garde, the local trend of “chilometro zero”, the fast food, the “I know a place …”, the sushi and sashimi craze, pasta with vodka and risotto with strawberries, the revisited traditions and the techno-emotional lifestyle, the niche product and, finally, the modern trattorias.

Alessandra Piubello

Alessandra is the director of some food and wine journals, has a passion for good food and wine and has written some cookbooks. She is the author of a report on food and wine tourism from Italy and abroad. A long-time collaborator of the L’Espresso Ristoranti d’Italia guide, this year she has also curated the I Vini di Veronelli Gold Guide.

Alexandra Michot

French journalist specializing in gastronomy, travel and lifestyle. After having worked at the editorial office of Le Figaro for ten years, she now works as a freelancer for both, French and foreign newspapers.

Alessandro Bocchetti

Born in 1965, a life between abdominal exercises and biceps work at the table began with the escape from the fourth grade of grammar school and towards the restaurant Twelve Apostles in Verona. From there, he never stopped, but continued between the big tables, taverns and winemakers. He talks about it in Il Gambaro Rosso and other print and online publications.

Serena Guidobaldi

A freelance journalist, cook and comics author, Serena writes articles related to animation, humour, travel, art and food, while focussing her investigations – within the sector – on the food’s role in defining peoples’ identities and on nutrition control as an instrument against gender inequality in advanced developing countries.

Carla Capalbo

A true globetrotter, she divides her time between Italy, London, Bordeaux and New York, where she was born. Though she works as a food and wine journalist, she is also a photographer, writer and stylist with a refined and elegant personal touch.

Gabriele Stabile

Photographer and freelance journalist living between Rome and New York. Since 2010 he is a member of CESURA and teacher of the ICP – International Centre of Photography in New York, where he has been invited for years to talk about issues related to immigration. He collaborates with various publications, including the discontinued cult magazine Lucky Peach.

Lorenza Fumelli

Born and raised in Rome, she eats with passion and dedication to be able to talk about it. She takes care about every aspect of food, writes about it or askes others to do it for the site she runs: Drinking, travelling and the Rock are her other passions – and Zara, her cat.

Laura Lazzaroni

She is a journalist, passionate home baker and has been working for L’Uomo Vogue for 9 years, including as its editor-in-chief. In 2015 she was awarded “Journalist of the Year” by the Identità Golose Guide and spent five years in New York as the correspondent of “D-The Republic of Women”. She also signed a couple of book deals, like 10 Lezioni di Cucina with Niko Rominto at Giunti Editore and Altri grani, altri pani at Guido Tommasi Editore.

Andrea Di Lorenzo

Class of ’83, during his training as a stage photographer, he specialized in the food sector and has since worked in it for seven years. He collaborated with some of the stars of the Capitoline food industry, as well as with Italian and foreign newspapers.

Lorenzo Sandano

He has had gourmet attitude since ’91. Lorenzo discovered himself as a gastronome at 17, after an enlightening trip to Barcelona. He has studied at I.E.D, has a Punk character, experience in working in the kitchen and an active collaboration with l’Espresso. He travels without pause, looking for tables and flavours to narrate.

Miguel Pires

Portuguese freelance journalist Miguel Pires, is working in the gastronomical field and is author of the guide: Lisbon à Mesa, which includes the best addresses of the capital. He also writes for the daily newspaper Pùblico and the magazines Up-Tap, Wine – Essencia do Vinho in Portugal, as well as Menu in Brazil.

Paulo Barata

Freelance photographer and a great traveller born in Angola, Paulo studied photography in Porto and now lives in Lisbon. Together with his wife Ana Músic, he has created an event dedicated to young Portuguese and international chefs: Sangue na Guelra / Young chefs with Guts.

Gloria Feurra

The accent falls on the “e”. Sardinian born in 1991. She lost the finals of Italy ’90 and never fails to mention it. After years of persecution due to the famous single by Umberto Tozzi, she is currently seeking asylum in New York. She first attended the University of Bologna and then the University of Pollenzo, an exceedingly beautiful experience. Gloria knows how to prepare suitcases quickly and is an expert on excursions with uncomfortable heels.

Tommaso Protti

Italian photographer and journalist, who collaborates with a number of international newspapers, including The New York Times and Le Monde.

Tania Mauri

A food and wine writer with a vast experience in communication, Tania deals with food and wine by chance and because of passion. Native from Turin but based in Rome, she is a lover of good food and is perpetually on the road. Tania writes for some of the most important print and online national newspapers and has collaborated in the drafting of La buona pizza published by Giunti. She is one of the creators of the event la Città della Pizza in Rome.

Philippe Vaurès

A French photographer living in Paris, where he studied Art History and Photography, but constantly travelling around the world for work. A cooking enthusiast, he regularly collaborates with Yam magazine by Yannik Alléno and visualised several works of chef Cyril Lignac.

Chihiro Masui

A journalist who splits her time between Japanese and French press. The author of several cookbooks in Japan and France, she is famous for Astrance – Livre de cuisine (Editions Le Chêne), Éric Briffard – le Cinq (Editions Glénat), Fish and A Japanese art (Editions Glénat) which are considered points of reference for international chefs.

Sofie Delauw

After abandoning her briefcase and her career in a great American company, Sofie approached the world of art, food and lifestyle photography. She has lived in Florence for about five years now, fascinated by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and the excellence of the food.

Our Audience

Unwilling to pigeon-hole and categorise, Cook_inc. is open to all. They ask only that you open the pages with a free and broad mind, not constrained by society’s barriers, and approach with the attitude of a consumer willing to absorb, question, and digest content via a discerning and critical eye.